Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

9 Tips for Slimming Body Safely and Effectively

For some women would covet beauty slim and healthy body. But sometimes women are trouble or did not know how to streamline your body safely and effectively so that many of them become victims of product advertising.

Here are nine tips for safe and effective slimming, but remember to do is discipline.

1. Reduce carbohydrates 

No need to remove the list of carbonated beverages from your daily menu. But choose one that implies the most minimal, such as potatoes than rice. Or paste made of beans instead of wheat.

2. Soup as a snack
Make soup, especially those containing lots of vegetables, instead of snacks. Research at Pennsylvania State University proves, more powerful vegetable soup weight loss than low-fat snacks.

3. Friendly with fat
According to nutritionist, Fiona Kirk, eating unsaturated fat meal 20 minutes before making the brain think that you are already full so you do not want to eat much at mealtimes.

4. Oil spray
When cooking, do not pour vegetable oil. We recommend that you just spray the oil into the pan using spray oil. This method can reduce the fat content in food. Better yet, use olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

5. 24 hours detox
Want to experience rapid detox? Try the recommended way Theresa Cheung in his book The Lemon Juice Diet. Drinking four glasses of lemonade a day, the drinks are made from 2 teaspoons orange juice, a pinch of pepper chayenne (many are sold in supermarkets), 300 ml water and 2 teaspoons of apple syrup. Drink 30 minutes before breakfast, 10 minutes before morning snack, afternoon snack 10 minutes before and 10 minutes before dinner. If necessary, take this drink to the office.

6. Green food
Expand aka eating green food vegetable and fruits. In fact, drinking is also made from vegetable juice. These foods contain a maximum of only 54 calories per serving.

7. Probiotic drink
Good bacteria are needed to improve the immunity of the body. So, I suggest that many are taking probiotic drinks are sold freely. If necessary, the probiotics pills are sold without prescription.

8. Avoid artificial sweeteners
Many people avoid the sugar with diet reasons. To overcome the need for sweet taste, sugar is replaced an artificial sweetener. In fact, according to experts, diet drinks and artificial sweeteners will actually make the body crave real sugar. So it is better to use the original sugar, but the amount deducted.

9. Eating papaya
Gynecology digistive enzymes (digestive enzymes, food) on this one fruit was higher than other fruits. This enzyme helps reduce abdominal bloating and remove fat from the body. So start eating papaya multiply.

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  1. great post,kawan
    salam hangat dari blue

  2. waduuh harus uka kamus nihhh sobbb...!
    selamat bernuka puasa dehhh

  3. O.k, tipsnya nnt di coba..!

    thnks Ya..!

  4. ntar salah diet kadang malah jadi sakit
    ayo semangat hidup sehat

    salam anak smp pekanbaru

  5. diet sehat
    bagus buat ngejaga kesehatan secara berterusan
    puasa juga salah satu cara hidup sehat kan mbak..
    salam kenal dan selamat menjalankan ibadah ramadhan ya

  6. kalo tips tubuh sehat buat laki-laki sama ga ya ???

  7. Kalau aku mau sih kurus... hehehe
    Udah kegemukan kayaknya sekarang. :p

  8. Tips yg sangat bermanfaat. Thanks ya..


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